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Why Integrity Medical Evaluations?

We are a locally owned and operated company with our sole focus of providing services in the state of Oregon. Our team facilitates Independent Medical Exams and claims-related services in partnership with over 100 Physicians. Not only do we have a superior doctor panel consisting of multiple specialties, we produce a quality product with such efficiency that clearly sets us apart in this industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Fitness For Duty Evaluations
  • Medical Record Reviews
  • Legal Services

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Success Stories

Your business is a comfortable place with friendly, caring people who provide a quality product that is valuable for the Workers' Compensation community in Oregon.


Quality Assurance

I know normally you only get negative feedback, but I wanted to give some positive feedback. Integrity is AMAZING! I never have to worry about getting timely reports with them. I just got an IME in that was done yesterday, and I didn't have to bug them at all. I normally set myself a task for a week out to look for the report, with integrity 90% of the time I will already have the report. Their customer service is amazing, they are so nice about everything. When I call to clarify a question they are on it, half the time they have already asked the dr about that questions, but are always willing to ask again.


Claims Adjuster

First a kudos for Integrity, they had the IME report to me in less than 3 hours. The lumbar surgery requested by the other provider needed to be done "urgently." Thanks to Integrity's and my quick work, the worker and the medical provider, we were able to reschedule the surgery from 11/4 to 10/21. This is amazing given that the IME itself was on 10/18, and, given the IME findings by the provider, the two-week acceleration in the surgery schedule may make a big difference for the worker.

J.A. on behalf of M.P.


I only have positive things to say about my dealings with Integrity. They are quick to respond and know the ropes so setting depos or phone conferences have been quick and painless. I have worked with Tawnya, Elisa, Tiffany, and Ashley and they are all so nice and professional.



Just want to make you aware of the wonderful team you got there. I really appreciate the hard work and staying after hours. The Tigard Staff went above and beyond to help our worker get home safely.


Claims Adjuster

I just want to extend my continuous appreciation for all of your hard work. You have quickly figured out that I do not like making my workers drive to Portland if I can avoid it and you are always so helpful in finding the perfect fit for the needs of the claim.

I am truly grateful for all that you do. I know that when I call or email that you will be quick to respond… kudos for being amazing!


Claims Adjuster

I wanted to take some time out of my day to give your employees some kudos. Elisa Rogers is incredible! She is informative, helpful, pleasant, responsive and will go the extra mile every time to be as accommodating as possible. As an adjuster, she makes my job so much easier. I truly appreciate her efforts and because of my experiences with Elisa, Integrity is the only IME provider that I use. Thank you for your time and for all of the work you and your company do!

Claims Adjuster

Please express my gratitude to the provider who agreed to speak with me on such short notice. Working with Integrity is wonderful, and top-notch always. Thank you, thank you!



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