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IMEs & Resources

We are quite proud of our physician panel. Our goal is to support you from scheduling preferences to exam procedures and Quality Assurance of your IME reports. We want to provide as many resources as possible for a successful IME. Many of our physicians have made this into a second career after retirement from treating patients.

How do I become an IME provider?

As a health care professional, retired or still active practice, IMEs provide a great source of supplemental income without the administrative headache. Many physicians have used IMEs as a transition into retirement.

Why should I join Integrity's panel?

You have a choice in what IME companies you work for. At Integrity, we strive to make sure all of your IME needs are taken care of. You get to determine where you work, how often you want to work, how many exams you want to do, etc. We have many physicians that have chosen to be exclusive with Integrity due to the services and quality of work we provide.



There are many factors involved with joining our team. Please fill out this form to start the inquiry process. Upon receipt, our owner will reach out to you to discuss further details and begin the approval process.