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Let’s make the exam (IME) portion of your claim process as simple as possible.

We understand the entire claim process can be overwhelming and feel complicated.  All claimants must provide Photo ID when checking in. See below for some frequently asked questions to help ease any uncertainty when it comes to attending your Independent Medical Exam (IME).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IME and why do I have to go?
An Independent Medical Exam is a 2nd opinion evaluation done by a neutral physician. By law, in the State of Oregon, if you are hurt on the job and an IME is needed to manage your claim, this evaluation has to be coordinated through a 3rd party company, like Integrity. There are many reasons as to why a 2nd opinion is needed for your claim. Please reach out to your adjuster or attorney if you have questions about your claim and the reasoning for the IME.
Does this doctor work for the Insurance Company?
No, the IME doctor is an Independent Contractor that works with Integrity Medical. They are not affiliated with your Insurance company in any way.
Can I change my appointment?
You must reach out to your adjuster or attorney if you have a scheduling conflict.
Where is my exam located?

We have multiple offices throughout the State. Integrity will mail you an appointment notice and a map two weeks before your exam. If you need help with parking, please dial the number on the letter sent by Integrity. If you have misplaced that paperwork, please reach out to our office at 503-390-5975 and we can help.

What do I need to bring with me?
Please bring your picture ID and a mask. Everything else can be provided at the exam. If you have a lower extremity injury (low back to feet), it is helpful to wear shorts or comfortable pants. Again, shorts or a gown can be provided at the exam if the physician needs you to change. If you have a Work Capacity Evaluation, you will need to wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.
Do I need to bring my medical records or diagnostics to the IME?
No, your adjuster is responsible for sending your medical records and diagnostic imaging to us prior to the IME. If you happen to have a very recent diagnostic done (within the last few weeks), feel free to bring a copy with you as a copy may not have been forwarded to us yet.
What can I expect in the Independent Medical Exam (IME)?

The doctor will talk to you about your medical history and the injury that occurred. A physical exam will be done that consists of different measurements and ranges of motion. At the completion of your exam, the doctor will generate a report based on findings from the medical records, diagnostics, interview, and exam.

Do I have to pay for this IME?
No, there is no charge to you for this exam.
Can I get a copy of my report?
Yes, you can get a copy of the IME report. However, it can only be obtained through your adjuster or your attorney.