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About Us

Integrity Medical Evaluations was launched February 2009, in the living room of owners, Heidi and Lee Kaiser.  Heidi had been in the IME industry for over a decade prior to Integrity. With strong encouragement from family, physicians, and other professionals, Lee and Heidi made the decision to build an IME company that was based on morals, ethics, honor and integrity.  Thus, the name of our company was indicative of the kind of company they wanted to offer to the IME industry.  In a short amount of time, Integrity grew both in the number of clients, and the need for more employees.  A few months later Integrity was able to vacate the living room and move into our first office building.

Integrity Medical has maintained and will continue to maintain excellence in producing a quality product which favorably sets us apart in this industry.  Over 120 physicians provide objective and professional medical opinions.  Employees are strongly encouraged to take ownership in the company through work ethic, team collaboration, as well as belief in the vision and principles of the very foundation of the definition of the word integrity.

The leadership teams work closely together to make sure resources, tools, and support is provided to each employee to achieve great success at their job as well as providing opportunities for employees to use their strengths that Integrity can benefit.

Since our humble beginning we have moved three times due to growth. Throughout this time, Lee and Heidi have recognized the importance of sharing their blessings by funding church plants throughout the world.

Our company name describes our philosophy. Our clients love our service and we believe they return time and again because of our trusted relationship. Our staff responds to inquiries completely and immediately. Our quality assurance department has a solid understanding of work comp law and how it integrates with the medical field. We are keenly aware and act on the fact, that accuracy and speed are an integral part of the IME industry. We strive to meet the needs of our clients with professionalism and integrity.